How Moms Can Pamper Themselves At Home

Post motherhood our priorities change and we are occupied with one thing or another. Basically, a mom is on the job 24*7. Being a mother our day starts and ends with ensuring everything is perfectly done for our kids and family. In doing so, we totally forget about ourselves and not care much about self-care. However, it is very curial to treat ourselves occasionally. Self-care is very vital for every individual, especially mothers. This makes us happy and healthy. That does not mean papering is only for mothers who have a babysitter or those who can spend a huge amount. […]

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Winter Care Routine

Winter Care

Winter is on so it is important to take care of our skin in this cool weather and here is the winter care routine for you guys. You make like and it will be helpful. This winter you can go for this winter care routine. Lets get start with skin care routine # 1. Exfoliate Take a normal sugar which is easily available in our kitchen and add few drops of olive oil and mix it well Now you can put it on your face just scrub your face gently and then wash off and patch it dry Use this […]

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Himalaya Purifying Neem Face Wash

Himalaya purifying Neem Face Wash become my favorite and must re buy face wash in my daily life. Want to know why ? stay and check my full post! My Experience with Himalaya Purifying Neem Face Wash I first time used it in my schooling life my dad bought for me 100grams face wash. First I don’t know how to use and am not aware of any products, makeup stuff before. Then I started using it as it was a new launch the product has no expectations. Then I used for many years till now and it became my favorite […]

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Ponds White Beauty BB +

Ponds BB

Hi so this post is going to be a review on ponds BB cream. I picked up the Ponds White Beauty BB cream after using Garnier BB cream because I wanted to try all the BB creams from Indian brand. It kind of makes me look ghostly for first few minutes and then it settles in the skin giving it a flawless look.   Packaging of Ponds BB + : It comes packed in a cute pink cover and the tube color is white. The tube is very compact and has a screw cap and the nozzle of the tube is very […]

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How to get rid of pimples marks at home

I know that there are many ways to remove pimples marks on face but today i will let you know the best and easy ways to get rid of pimple marks at home with home remedies # 1. Turmeric mask Take 1 spoon of turmeric and equal quantity of aloe vera gel mix well and apply it. Keep this mask for 20m and wash off with lukewarm water. As we know that turmeric acts as antibacterial it helps of reduce pimples and fade your marks also. Tip :If you feel yellowish color after apply this pack you can use aloe […]

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