Stop Using Betnovate N cream

Betnovate N is a skin cream which acts as a steroid cream having lot of side effects.


My Experience with Betnovate N cream

I don’t know that using betnovate causes skin problems and my face became horrible with pimples lot of acne redness on my face.

Betnovate N was recommended by one of my friend she said me she is using this cream and had a lot of different in color she began to become Fair and she said me to try it.

Then i Started using betnovate N cream in night times as i used to apply all over my face, slowly i observe that my face became Fair than rather that i loved as my skin is becoming day by day more Faire.

Then i observe that my skin is getting acne which i thought it was a natural pimples and i started using more betnovate N cream on my pimples while using on my pimple acne was reduced and there was a change slowly i got addicted to this cream.

When i don’t use i see on my face there are small amount off tiny pimple on my face and my face started on itching when ever i don’t use the cream.


Ingredients of the Betnovate N cream

  • betamethasone (as valerate) 0.1%
  • neomycin sulphate 3%
  • chlorocresol
  • cetomacrogol 1000
  • white soft paraffin
  • liquid paraffin


How I overcome my addiction to stop using Betnovate N cream

As said in the below that my face was becoming more severe with pimples and itching on my face i started getting more and more acne on my face. So i visited to dermatologist and shown my face. Doctor asked me whether i was using any cream then i said about i was using Betnovate N skin cream. Doctor replied that using Betnovate N regularly caused my face which pimples and acne and Doctor said to stop using them.

Doctor had given me some medicines. Slowly my face begin to be normal now.


Betnovate N Cream Using on Face

YOU SHOULD NOT normally use on the face where the skin thins easily . BUT if your doctor has advised you to use it on the face then, if possible. the course of treatment should not last more than five days. It is important that you DO NOT let the cream get in your eyes.


How to stop using Betnovate N cream

As you are using the cream daily and decided to stop using the cream i suggest you to use the Betnovate N cream alternate days for the first time after a week use the cream 3 days after 3 days then slowly reduce the use of the cream am sure your skin will also not react.


Will i recommend Betnovate N cream

No i wont suggest to use this skin cream as it a steroid which caused many skin affects. As I am the live victim this skin cream caused a very bad effect on my face.


Girls  i suggest you not to use any face cream without any proper prescription and awareness about the product. As end of the day you choose to use those products don’t try any products for face related without having much awareness.


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